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Route Filters

a.k.a Responding to different url paths

Happstack provides a variety of ways to match on parts of the Request (such as the path or request method) and respond appropriately.

Happstack provides two different systems for mapping the request path to a handler. In this section we will cover a simple, untyped routing system. Later in the crash course we will look at fancier, type-safe routing sytem known as web-routes.

#include "MonadPlus.lhs"

Matching on static path segments

#include "Dir.lhs" #include "Dir2.lhs" #include "Dirs.lhs" #include "Path.lhs" #include "FromReqURI.lhs" #include "Method.lhs" #include "MatchMethod.lhs"

Other Routing Filters

SimpleHTTP includes a number of other useful routing filters, such as:

nullDir :: (ServerMonad m, MonadPlus m) => m ()
check that there are no path segments remaining
host :: (ServerMonad m, MonadPlus m) => String -> m a -> m a
match on a specific host name in the Request
withHost :: (ServerMonad m, MonadPlus m) => (String -> m a) -> m a
Lookup the host header and pass it to the handler.
uriRest :: (ServerMonad m) => (String -> m a) -> m a
Grab the rest of the URL (dirs + query) and passes it to your handler
anyPath :: (ServerMonad m, MonadPlus m) => m r -> m r
Pop any path element and ignore when choosing a 'ServerPartT' to handle the request.
trailingSlash :: (ServerMonad m, MonadPlus m) => m ()
Guard which checks that the Request URI ends in /. Useful for distinguishing between foo and foo/

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