hyena + happstack-state

Use Happstack with Hyena Today!

The good news is, there is nothing to stop you from using happstack with hyena today. The code in this section works using unmodified versions happstack 0.1 and hyena.

The trade-off is that you will not have access to most of the features provided by happstack-server, such as the dir, path, method, fileServe, etc.

In a later section we will show that this functionality can be rebuilt on top of hyena.

This tutorial assumes your are a little bit familiar with happstack-state already and are interested in trying out hyena. In the first part I provide a very simple hyena+happstack-state application. This is a useful starting point for your own application.

In the second part, I will go more in-depth into hyena and Enumerators.

#ifdef HsColour #include "Simple.lhs" #endif